We are not a church “small group.”

We don’t serve coffee and dessert at someone’s house and pretend that we read the chapter that week. At Men’s Alliance we don’t care if you dress well or use all the right spiritual lingo. Our only concern is becoming better husbands, fathers, and men.


We are not an “accountability group.”

In the words of Stephen Mansfield, “If you’re expecting me to figure out what’s wrong with myself and tell you about it over breakfast then this isn’t going to work.” That’s because we men are not going to be honest with each other. We’ll pretend that everything is fine. These kind of nominal groups are great for socializing, but nobody really becomes a better man from them.

At Men’s Alliance we literally create a tribe that does life together. When you lose your job, when your wife’s car breaks down while you’re out of town, when you need 10 guys to help you move, you’ll never walk alone.


We are not F3.

F3 is a men’s group that stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. We love F3, and think they’re doing great things; however, F3 is 99% focused on the fitness part, with only a nominal mention of a “higher power.”

At Men’s Alliance we put just as much emphasis on the devotion as we do the workout. Our real-world devotions around a campfire cover topics like handling stress and anger at home, or how to avoid the dangers of pride, and you get to know the guys around the fire in a way that we’ve never seen duplicated in a house, church, or F3 parking lot. And when we pray, it’s in the name of Jesus Christ, not a higher power.


We are Men’s Alliance.

A tribe of fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers that sharpen each other to be the men that God created us to be.

Read our Creed.

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