Tribal. rugged. real.

Who we are

Men's Alliance is Tribes of men that meet weekly for a 30-minute rugged, outdoor workout, and a 30-minute real-world devotion around a fire. We are common men with an uncommon desire to succeed.

Rain or shine, snow or heat, we're getting men to close their laptops, get outside, and push themselves physically and spiritually to become the husbands, fathers, and leaders God designed us to be.

It's time to reject isolation and join a TRIBE. Reject the lie that comfort will make you happy and get RUGGED. Reject the facade of everything being fine and get REAL. That's why our Men's Alliance motto is: Tribal. Rugged. Real.

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We use an utterly unique approach!

3 levels of training

Become a better husband, father & leader

1. Call sign

COMMUNITY. By proving oneself as a man who truly has an uncommon desire to succeed, will a Tribe decide to honor a man by giving him a callsign.

2. Coin

LEADERSHIP. Only after leading a workout and devotion, building a fire, and memorizing the Men’s Alliance Creed, is a man awarded the M.A. Challenge Coin.

3. Patch

DISCIPLESHIP. The M.A. Patch is earned by going through Carry the Fire - an unforgettable leadership & discipleship training experience. Carry the Fire is the most rugged Christian apologetics training in the country. Every man who wears the Men’s Alliance Patch is both a leader of men and a Barbarian Ambassador for Christ!

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Be Doers of the Word, And Not Hearers Only

Men need more than just listening to a speaker or reading a book - we need actual training!

Men’s Alliance provides unforgettable, life-changing training in leadership and discipleship that will grow you physically and spiritually.

We are men who refuse to conform to the prevailing culture and are prepared to represent Jesus to the world.

We are Barbarian Ambassadors.

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“Men are in crisis in our generation and Men’s Alliance is part of the fix. They are rugged, they are wise, they understand the souls of men, and they are changing lives. Get involved. Now!”

Stephen Mansfield
New York Times Bestselling Author/Educator/Leader of Men