Who We Are…


The Men’s Alliance is a community group that meets weekly for an intense outdoor workout and a real-world devotion. No coffee. No religious pretense.

Our workouts typically involve, tires, sledgehammers, ropes, and of course burpees. Our devotions are practical and are aimed at making us better men, husbands, fathers, and sons. We are a group that drops the facade of having it all together and honestly discusses the struggles of work, family,addiction, pornography, and faith, etc.

We believe that Jesus Christ sets the ultimate example of how we should live our lives and many of our devotions are from the Bible, but we welcome men of all religious or non-religious backgrounds. We are not directly affiliated with any particular denomination; however, we are sponsored by local churches that provide us with a place to meet.

Open to men ages 12 and up. Sorry, no chicks allowed.