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We are Barbarian Ambassadors.

The Men’s Alliance Team

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David Mills

- Founder & Director

My name is Dave “Goose” Mills and spending my career in Air Force flying squadrons taught me how tribes are formed, how they operate, and how they save lives. I’ve seen how isolated men are and how badly they need a tribe, and I created Men’s Alliance to fix that problem and help men become the husbands, fathers, and leaders that God designed us to be.

I believe that healthy men create healthy families, and healthy families create a healthy country. So, if we want to improve the world, we must start with the men.

Goose has been married for 23 years, has 4 kids, and is the Founder and Director of Men’s Alliance.

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Ray Wageman

- Deputy Director

My name is Ray “Thor” Wageman. I am a US Army National Guard Veteran. I’ve been married to a wonderful woman for over 30 years and we have 5 amazing children. I’ve been a part of Men’s Alliances since the launch of Charle Tribe in 2020.

Part of my personal mission statement is to equip, encourage and mobilize men to be better leaders of their families, churches and communities. I'm humbled that I get to fulfill this mission through M.A.

Thor is the Deputy Director of M.A., ensuring the leadership, communication, and mission of M.A. are held to the highest standard.

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David Noel

- Director of Operations

My name is David “Sunshine” Noel. I’m a husband to my amazing wife Kelly and father to Kendall, Kate and Tucker. A combination of work experience in the fire service and agriculture operations has shown me the importance of being surrounded by a strong group of people with a solid foundation in order to succeed. Finding just that at Men’s Alliance, I’m passionate about seeing men grow in their relationship with God and thrive as leaders in their family and community.

Sunshine is the M.A. Director of Operations. He carries out the planning, scheduling, and execution of MA Experiences.

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Connor Dillingham

- Director of Strategy

My name is Connor “Chief” Dillingham. After spending decades in the Coast Guard, I missed having shipmates. Men’s Alliance not only filled that gap but fulfilled a void that I have been yearning for a long time – true brotherhood. Now, I share a common bond with many brothers that strive to be better in every way, as God intended. Doing life as part of a TRIBE!

Chief is the M.A. Director of Strategy, focusing on both growth and retention, and ensuring that men love their Tribe so much they want to get it tattooed!

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Ryan Baker

- Director of Outreach

My name is Ryan “Quack” Baker. I have been married for 21 years to my amazing wife Courtney. We are blessed with two children, a daughter named Payton and son named Grayson. I have worked in the fire service for 25 years. God was not always a priority for me, but once I placed him at the top, life took off. My purpose and passion collided, and God began to direct and use me. Men’s Alliance gives me a place to be vulnerable, real and held accountable every day.

Quack is the M.A. Director of Outreach to educate churches and small group directors about Men’s Alliance.

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Bunty Dharamsi

- Director of Tribes

I grew up playing sports and being part of teams and while that translated to my work life, my home life was very isolated. I was surrounded by people yet felt alone. I found Men’s Alliance at the lowest part of that isolation. My gym buddy, Ranger, would constantly invite me out until one day I couldn’t refuse, I’m so glad I did. Through Men’s Alliance, I have found my band of brothers to be in life with, people that will keep me accountable and continually point me to Jesus. Men’s Alliance has become a platform for me to share the Gospel and help other men become who they were designed to be. I also have a hot wife and 6 amazing kids.

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Jeff VanAtta

- Director of Podcast Editing

My name is Jeff “Fresh” VanAtta. I am a Husband and Father of two. My work experience has given me the experience and passion for launching new programs and building new teams. Mens’ Alliance has given me the confidence to get off the sidelines and share my faith with others. When not participating in Men’s Alliance events, I am involved in scouting, hiking, and running.

Fresh is the M.A. Director of Podcast Editing. If you’ve heard of Men’s Alliance, it’s probably because of Fresh!

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Dusty Parker

- Director of Product Development

My name is Dusty "Shadow" Parker, I am just a regular guy who's been able to do some pretty cool stuff throughout my life. Men's Alliance has given me what I was missing from the teams I served in while in the Marines. Being around men who sharpen me daily and are there for me whenever I need, is a feeling that cannot be measured. I currently work for the Department of Defense (I've said too much...) I am forever grateful to God for bringing Men's Alliance into my life. I have a smoking hot wife and 2 awesome kids.

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Josh Davis

- Workout Chief

My name is Joshua “Ranger” Davis. I have been married for 11 years and my wife and I have 2 amazing sons. I am retired from the Army and after spending many years around men trying to attain the same mission goals, I needed something like that for my walk with Christ. Men’s Alliance has helped me live out my faith and become a better husband, father and leader. I have been a part of Men’s Alliance since the launch of Charlie Tribe in 2020.

As the M.A. Workout Chief, Ranger constantly raises the bar by coming up with creative new ways to hurt us.

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Rick Ezell

- Devotion Chief

My name is Rick “Rudy” Ezell and I’ve been with Men’s Alliance since August of 2022. I’ve been married to my greatest blessing, Vicki for 26 years. I believe that God is using Men’s Alliance to give men the opportunity to come to know Him better through close fellowship with a tribe of like-minded men who want to be the best version of themselves.

As the M.A. Devotion Chief, Rudy ensures all of our Tribes adhere to our Statement of Faith, and that we never become "just another book study.”

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Robert Braxton

- Treasurer & CFO

Robby “Crunch” Braxton has lived in the Greater Richmond area for over 10 years. His callsign comes from his work as a tax lawyer where he crunches numbers and the law each day. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, working out, and cheering on his beloved Florida Gators. He and his family also enjoy traveling around Virginia and doing fun activities together.

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Blake Bowen

- General Counsel

My name is Blake “Big Red” Bowen. I am first and foremost a Christ follower and secondly a husband and father to 2 children. I earned my J.D. from Regent University Law School. After years of living in isolation I was approached out of the blue and told about Men’s Alliance. I attended the first workout/devotional and continued ever since. Men’s alliance has been a catalyst for helping me grow into a better Christ follower, husband, father and man in general. It is an honor to use my gifting and education to help such an organization.